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I ordered a Retribution Spell and immediately the person in the spell started to show her true colors to people who had never seen the mean streak in her before. They will never speak to her again. Even her boyfriend’s attitude toward her is changing. He’s not as happy with her as he was. Just the other day she called me to yell at me about things that happened a year ago, and slowly everyone is catching on to her attitude, and is pulling away from her. She has shown her true self to almost everyone, and I believe that it is just a matter of time before everyone realizes that she is a horrible person with only her selfish interests in mind.
Thank you Calastrology, I know your spell has really worked.

New York

Calastrology Retribution Spell

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I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first. I had ordered the OBEAH Spell to be cast on my behalf and I can honestly say that IT WORKED!!!!! Since then I have had other spells cast. I only wish that I would’ve found this site sooner! I AM A TRUE BELIEVER NOW! Thank you soooooo much!!!


Obeah Spell from

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Dear CAA,

I had your Money Spell cast for me less than a week ago and I have already won $5,000 in the lottery!  I owe it all to you, ever since the spell was cast my luck has changed completely when it comes to money.  Thanks so much!

I will always buy products from California Astrology Association because I believe that they work.  If they work for me they can work for anyone!  Thanks again!

B. K.


Calastrology Works! CAA Money Spell

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Does Calastrology Really Work? Try the Gris-Gris Spell, known as the iron fist of voodoo.




Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell

Before I placed my order I wondered, “Does Calastrology really work?” I made a wish that my boyfriend Tim would forget his ex and his running around town lifestyle and take me more seriously, well – the Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell was cast for December 17.  A remarkable thing happened – my Tim did not change and was never going to – but the day that the spell was cast I met another Tim. The similarities to the first Tim was unbelievable, both had only one brother, no sister, the first Tim’s first girlfriend was called Deidre and she was born on the 6th of April, the second Tim’s first wife was called Deidre, she was also born the 6th of April! The difference between the two of them is that my Tim (or Timothy as he likes to be called) is available emotionally and wants a commitment!!! 
So though I did not get what I asked for exactly I got BETTER and the Gris-Gris spell has changed my life for the better!

(names changed to protect the individuals)

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I swear to you, the very day that the Return to Me Spell was done, my ex emailed me saying that he missed me and had to see me. The very day! I had been writing to him to no avail for about a month. We have been seeing each other ever since. I am now having a spell done to break up the relationship he is in right now, so that he truly is free to come back to me. If it works as well, I should have the love of my life back very soon. I am shocked! Calastrology works!  I believe in God and prayer, yet have never had anything answered so quickly.
Thank you!

Natalie A.
Riverside, CA


Return to Me Spell from Calastrology Works!

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All I can say is “wow” and thank you! I received Burton’s newsletter of November 13th explaining the energy-blocking effects of wearing a ring on the middle finger of either hand. I realized I had been wearing rings on the middle fingers of both my hands and removed them immediately. After parking my car at work later that morning and walking through the parking lot – I looked down and saw a neatly folded $50.00 bill literally lying at my feet!!! Talk about surprised – just following the simple but powerful advice in your free newsletter brought me an instant windfall, and my business has been steadily picking up too. I also had a love spell cast for me when I registered at the website, and I admit I had been feeling a little skeptical about it working, but after this experience, I have great hope that what I have wished for will come to be. Thank you so much!

Chicago, IL

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I received my Samadhi last week, and it’s been less than a week that I’ve been carrying it with me almost everywhere. The first thing that I noticed when I took it out of the package was that I felt an immediate sense of serenity. It’s calming effects are consistently marvelous.

I have been having nightmares for months on end, intermittently over past years, and the Samadhi seems to make my nights manageable. That very night when I received it, I placed it under my pillow as I went to bed, as I have done since then. While I was sleeping that night, I felt my head shaking uncontrollably as I was not able to move my body. The very next morning, my headaches were gone and there was a sense of lightness in my being. The day went ahead with less tension, and someone who has beeen aloof for months suddenly handed me a story that hinted that she cared for my well-being. That took me by surprise as this person doesn’t seem to care for me.

My Samadhi seems to pulsate with warmth, as if absorbing my stress, whenever I hold it when burdened with difficult tension. This has happened a few times, not just once.

For those suffering from post-traumatic stress, I’d say give the Samadhi a shot, or let the Samadhi give you a magical shot at pacifying your nerves.

I continue to wish for many good things to come, so readers, watch this space as I hope to bring you more updates!

Vic, Australia

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I received the All Purpose Voodoo Doll four days after ordering. I had the doll for a few days before I built up the courage to speak to it. I work in the Insurance industry which is very stressfull and the callers are usually abusive, not to mention I was having problems with a former lover. I followed all the instructions and was shaking while speaking to it. I told the doll to make all the callers nice and make my former love call and apologize to me. Guess what the same day, minutes after speaking to it I felt a load lifted and the callers were very nice and cooperative, and the next day my former love called.

CAA YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much.
p.s. I will always be wise and discreet when using it

S. Johnson
Houston Tx


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I ordered and performed your Retribution Spell. A strange thing is happening; the man who has been so cruel and unbelievably hurtful to me (the father of my children) has been very nice to me lately.


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I asked Andreika to cast a money spell on my behalf so I could pay off debts and buy the things my family needed. On the day the spell was cast I felt a tingling sensation all over.

Two days later I won $100.00, then three days later my husband got a bonus and we were able to buy things our children had been needing. Then in two more days I found a rare penny that was worth $30.00. I am very happy with the spell Andreika cast for me and I know I will continue to get more money and pay off all our debts! Thank you Andreika!

D.D. Vasquez
San Jose, CA

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