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I ordered an All Purpose Voodoo Doll to help me get rid of a girl standing in the way of me and the love of my life. Two weeks after I first started using the voodoo doll, she broke her leg and was kicked off of the cheerleading squad! Her face broke out in acne and she got psoriasis covering both of her arms. Then her family moved away to California and now we are happy together!

Lisa V.
Decatur, AL

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I had a bad break-up last summer…but what made me summon a retribution spell was my ex-fiance came back and kicked me again, after I was so nice and accepting about us breaking up. After the spell was placed, myself, along with friends and family all meditated at the time the Psychic told me the spell would be in effect, and that she would also be helping with meditation. Then I waited.

Well, retribution came right after the new year, and my ex experienced what I did. The Psychic was right…he did experience some physical ailments, and he contacted me out of the blue, with a generic e-mail, saying he didn’t know why he was contacting me, but he just felt he should be. We are now friends, and even though I’ve had to right this experience with some bad Karma, I never regretted it. Especially since it reinforced me feeling better about how things ended and having my ex for a friend now. Not to mention the fact that he was able to admit to me that I was a good person throughout the whole break up, and that he realized how he was in the wrong and hurt me.

I am now in a loving relationship, and my faith has been restored. Thank You!

Andrea M.
Bothell, WA

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I’ve ordered recently two spells from the California Astrology Association. Unfortunately they didn’t work for me but for my biggest surprise, when I asked for a refund I got my money back straight away.

They didn’t ask anything and they didn’t tell me to buy another spell. They just did the refund as they promise on their webpage. I recommend this company to anyone, and I will try their spells again in the future.


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My husband and I have been going to different casinos since we retired.  I have not won more than $400 in one trip but since I purchased the Gambler’s Amulet and the Coin of Apollo this year, we never went home with empty pockets.  In fact, last week, when I had a bonus on the American Original slot machine, the wheel stopped on the cash prize which was $479.  The total of my three winning tickets was more than $1,200.  My husband bet $1 and won almost $700 on a slot machine.  He won much more than me.  We were able to pay some bills out of our winnings, which was my hope.

The only thing that I regret was ordering a Coin instead of a pendant.  Maybe I will order a pendant next time.  We are going back to the casino next month and in July, I hope I will win a progressive jackpot next.  I will order my next two amulets soon.

Thank you very much for everything, CAA. I am glad that I found you.

M. W.
Goose Creek, SC

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Dear Andreika,
I would like to thank you so very much for all your help. I had to pass some very difficult exams and I took the courage to ask for your help. I passed my exams thanks to you.

Thank you again so very much for all your help.

A. V.

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I received the Abyssinian Wish Box a week and a half ago and wished to win the lottery. Today I received 70 Linden Dollars (Second Life) without entering a contest or anything. This product really works. Thank You!

(Name Withheld)

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On March 13, I ordered Burton’s Ultra Lucky Spell, which was cast on the 14th. This past Friday, the 16th, I qualified for a “Luck of the Irish” giveaway at a local nightclub. At the St. Patrick’s Day party the following night, I won the giveaway which was a balloon drop where one of the balloons had a pot of gold certificate for $500!

Zoey H
Clifton, CO

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The Gypsy Make Me Unbelievably Successful Spell is very strong. If you are serious and want a life-changing spell, this one is for you.

I felt results the next day — but within one week, what can I say, I’m not the same person. I have read a couple of books where the strength of the Gypsy spell was mentioned, and I absolutely believe it now.


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CAA is a site you can trust, their services and spells are great and their money-back guarantee is real, every time with no questions asked!  If one spell doesn’t work, always try another one!


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I just would like to thank CAA for keeping their promise about their refund policy.  My money was refunded the day after my request was made. I am not paid to say this.  I will continue to use their services, as customer service is great and they do honor their guarantee.  I had three refunds and all three were refunded the day after my request.  Keep up the good work!


Kim T
Houston TX

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