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I’ve ordered recently two spells from the California Astrology Association. Unfortunately they didn’t work for me but for my biggest surprise, when I asked for a refund I got my money back straight away.

They didn’t ask anything and they didn’t tell me to buy another spell. They just did the refund as they promise on their webpage. I recommend this company to anyone, and I will try their spells again in the future.


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My husband and I have been going to different casinos since we retired.  I have not won more than $400 in one trip but since I purchased the Gambler’s Amulet and the Coin of Apollo this year, we never went home with empty pockets.  In fact, last week, when I had a bonus on the American Original slot machine, the wheel stopped on the cash prize which was $479.  The total of my three winning tickets was more than $1,200.  My husband bet $1 and won almost $700 on a slot machine.  He won much more than me.  We were able to pay some bills out of our winnings, which was my hope.

The only thing that I regret was ordering a Coin instead of a pendant.  Maybe I will order a pendant next time.  We are going back to the casino next month and in July, I hope I will win a progressive jackpot next.  I will order my next two amulets soon.

Thank you very much for everything, CAA. I am glad that I found you.

M. W.
Goose Creek, SC

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Dear Andreika,
I would like to thank you so very much for all your help. I had to pass some very difficult exams and I took the courage to ask for your help. I passed my exams thanks to you.

Thank you again so very much for all your help.

A. V.

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I received the Abyssinian Wish Box a week and a half ago and wished to win the lottery. Today I received 70 Linden Dollars (Second Life) without entering a contest or anything. This product really works. Thank You!

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On March 13, I ordered Burton’s Ultra Lucky Spell, which was cast on the 14th. This past Friday, the 16th, I qualified for a “Luck of the Irish” giveaway at a local nightclub. At the St. Patrick’s Day party the following night, I won the giveaway which was a balloon drop where one of the balloons had a pot of gold certificate for $500!

Zoey H
Clifton, CO

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The Gypsy Make Me Unbelievably Successful Spell is very strong. If you are serious and want a life-changing spell, this one is for you.

I felt results the next day — but within one week, what can I say, I’m not the same person. I have read a couple of books where the strength of the Gypsy spell was mentioned, and I absolutely believe it now.


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CAA is a site you can trust, their services and spells are great and their money-back guarantee is real, every time with no questions asked!  If one spell doesn’t work, always try another one!


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I just would like to thank CAA for keeping their promise about their refund policy.  My money was refunded the day after my request was made. I am not paid to say this.  I will continue to use their services, as customer service is great and they do honor their guarantee.  I had three refunds and all three were refunded the day after my request.  Keep up the good work!


Kim T
Houston TX

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I’ve ordered from CAA many many times, far too long to list (spells, dolls, amulets) and can attest to the fact that every single time I’ve seen a positive change. Thanks CAA for your commitment to great service!

Keller, TX

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I ordered two spells a couple of weeks ago. Within four days of the casting date…the first spell WORKED!!  I highly doubt it could be coincidence, there is no other explanation for what happened.  I have ordered a reinforcement for the other spell and can’t wait for that to take effect also!

Thanks CAA,

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