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I ordered and performed your Retribution Spell. A strange thing is happening; the man who has been so cruel and unbelievably hurtful to me (the father of my children) has been very nice to me lately.


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I asked Andreika to cast a money spell on my behalf so I could pay off debts and buy the things my family needed. On the day the spell was cast I felt a tingling sensation all over.

Two days later I won $100.00, then three days later my husband got a bonus and we were able to buy things our children had been needing. Then in two more days I found a rare penny that was worth $30.00. I am very happy with the spell Andreika cast for me and I know I will continue to get more money and pay off all our debts! Thank you Andreika!

D.D. Vasquez
San Jose, CA

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Witch's Cat Charm for increasing your chances of winningI ordered a Witch’s Cat Charm on November 15, and then received the charm in the mail on November 21 – but I hadn’t picked up my mail from my parents house that day, and so didn’t realize it had arrived.

That night I went to work and for no particular reason decided to put money into the pool our department has every week – and won $50. The next day I decided to go out with my friend to the city, and I still had not picked up my mail, and so had no idea the Cat was waiting for me at home. While I was in the city, I decided to stop at a lottery booth to buy a ticket – no reason, I don’t normally play the lottery, but I felt compelled to buy a ticket.

When I arrived home, my mail was on the table, and there was my wonderful Witch’s Cat charm – which I immediately put on a chain and wore around my neck. It was a wonderful feeling, I just felt de-stressed, and every time I walked by a mirror, I would catch the light reflecting off of my little cat charm, and stop to take a moment to pet it. It just made me smile to see it.

I wore it to bed that night, and when I woke up in the morning, I remembered the lottery ticket I had purchased. The numbers were drawn the night before, so I had my ticket checked. I won $155! That is absolutely amazing!

I must also tell you, I have had so many spells in the past couple of months cast on my behalf, and though right now, at this point in time, the spells have not all come to full fruition – there have been many, many, MANY signs that point right now to a positive conclusion – my requests are slowly manifesting, surely and steadily, and I feel now that it is only a matter of time for them to become a true reality. Ever since I have come to you with my problems, with each and every spell cast, it is as though each spell comes with a little blessing attached. After every spell has been cast, something good has seemingly just fallen into my lap. Though my requests have all been about love, while I am waiting for the spells to come true, it feels as though I have been given an enormous blast of good luck! I have won gift baskets and money, people who were once fully against my situation have decided to fight for my cause, and I receive signs every single day that show me I will have what I desire.

I am confident your spells will work – I can already see them beginning to take hold! Thank God I found your site! Thank you so much for being there!


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Following a fiscally challenging year, I requested a Gris-Gris spell in January through the California Astrology Association. The purpose of my requesting a spell was in hopes of increasing the overall income for me and my husband this year. Within a week’s time, we started to receive unexpected sources of income which has continued to the present (it is now March). I also received an important job offer less than a month after the spell was cast. This came after several months of uncertainty, as the job I had interviewed for (back in November) was placed under a hiring freeze until further notice. Also, our recently completed tax return turned out to be much higher than we anticipated. The Gris-Gris spell was explained as being an “unstoppable force” which would grow in intensity after being cast.

I must say that I have never before resorted to such a measure and was a bit skeptical. I have been pleasantly surprised and amazed at just how true the Gris-Gris spell turned out to be and exactly as advertised and explained! I will not hesitate to use the California Astrology Association in the future and would certainly recommend them to anyone willing to give them a try. THEIR SPELLS WORK!!

Ginger J.

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Dear CAA,

You guys cast the Retrieve A Lover Spell for me on October 5th. Within just 5 days, I got a message from a friend saying that my ex wanted me to call him. I did and we talked about how much we missed each other. Then he asked me back and now he’s even going back to school. I truly believe that you have brought the two of us back together. I am so happy. Thank you so much.


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I have ordered from you since 1984 (THIRTY YEARS!) and would just like to dispel any worries that you don’t work. I have had great things happen for me over the years and I do believe in the amulets and spells, Andreika is wonderful she has helped me before and currently is doing so again. I would recommend you to all of my friends.

Rosemary Y.
Thorndale, PA

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Yesterday I ordered your Growing His Love Spell for a guy who had completely blown me off. I was skeptical and didn’t think it would work (especially before the spell was even cast!) but last night he said he had to “talk” to me. He not only apologized to me for being a jerk but told me he would like to see more of me!!! I was totally shocked! I can’t wait to see what happens when the spell is cast. Thank you SO much!

M. L.

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I have purchased numerous spells from you and the results are starting to happen. I asked for help with getting out of a bad relationship. It has ended and I am moving to a house that I got a great deal on. I found out today that I got a job that will support my kids and myself comfortably (also something I asked for because of not receiving child support) and the other spells I have purchased are working as well!


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I ordered an OBEAH Spell to be cast on my behalf to protect me and my family from a relative that has been invading our privacy and making life very difficult for us. On the day the spell was cast I felt a lightness come over me, like a weight was being lifted. Since the spell has been cast this person has not bothered us and
my whole family has mentioned that our house feels different, safer and happier! And they didn’t even know about the spell when they told me that!
Thank you OBEAH!

D.D. Vasquez
San Jose, CA

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I want to thank the people at CAA for helping me get my boyfriend to fall more in love with me, and move closer to me so we can have a more fulfilling relationship. You cast my Love Spell on August 23 and less than a month later he decided to move from California to New York to be with me permanently and wants to be with me forever.

I am so happy with the results. I am quite amazed and will tell my friends that CAA is great. Thank you very much with helping me with my relationship.


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