July 22nd, 2010

Dearest CAA,

I was being skeptical when I first found your website in early June. I’ve had trouble in my relationship for almost a year, so I gave it a try and ordered The Unconditional Love Spell. It was cast in late June, and a few days after my boyfriend shared with me his ideas on planning a better future for our relationship. I was very surprised and never thought he would share his feelings like that all of a sudden. Recently, he’s been accompanying me more often on week nights and not going home to have dinner with his parents. He never did things like that before, because he’d always tell me his own family is his top priority!!

On the other hand, I knew there was still something going on between him and his ex. This had been on going for more than three years!! A week after I ordered my first spell and I found it was working well, I ordered The Breakup Spell for him and that girl. About two weeks later, he found out she had been doing a lot to hurt my feelings, sending me text messages and making phone calls. He was very mad and felt bad for me; finally he told me that it’s time to cut all the ties between them from now on. He told me he doesn’t want to hear anything about her anymore!!  He even threw away the gifts she gave him.

CAA–you guys are AMAZING!!  I wish I knew about your services much earlier!!! YOUR SPELLS HELPED ME SO MUCH!! THANKS!!!!

Toronto, CA

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