On Oct. 5th my boyfriend left me, so I ordered a spell from Andreika. After the spell was cast I felt a lot better about everything, though, he didn’t come running back all of a sudden. After a few weeks passed I started worrying, but I kept my faith, and it has paid off. Last night he told me what a fool he had been, and that if I would have him back, he would love to come back. I don’t think I could be any happier.  My life is a lot better now that he is back in it.  This isn’t the first spell I’ve ordered, but it is the one that had the best results.  Two other spells didn’t work as well, but still a little bit. One didn’t work at all, but I got a refund for that one.  Like I said, I think the Andreika spells work the best.  Thank you Andreika!