August 30th, 2010

I recently ordered the Gypsy Eye for an Eye Spell as I was at my wit’s end. I had people that were trying to destroy my business; friends that I thought were my friends wouldn’t talk to me. The spell was placed on August 21. On the 23rd, someone came to me, explaining everything my enemies had plotted behind my back. They even tried to get her to fight against my business but she wouldn’t!  I would have cried in any other situation, but instead I started laughing. I told my family and they couldn’t believe how mean they were to try and bring me down and I had know them for over twenty years! I had a peace and was able to let go. I knew that the spell was bringing them down. They are on the run now. Thanks to you they were unable to get away with ruining my life.

I know that “Eye for an Eye” works.  Thank you, Gypsy, for this speedy spell.

Rita S.
Atlanta, GA

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