May 15th, 2010

I have another story to share with everybody. Last week, I ordered the Destruction Warlock Hex, because there are two women who are self-centered and seem to be trying to trip me up in many ways.  I had a debate coming up–which makes me very nervous–and I knew they’d be in the audience, ready to ruin the experience for me.

So a couple of days before I ordered the spell, and after a day or two, I could tell the spell was working. On the day of the debate, I spoke very calmly and all was fine; the two girls, however, couldn’t even speak a word and they cut a lot out from their speeches. One almost cried onstage. I have to thank CAA for doing such a great job! I feel like anything is possible!!  And now, these two don’t bother me at all!

CAA, I will certainly be back for another project again. Thank you so so much! You are the best!!



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