April 28th, 2010

Dear CAA,
Thank you for the help I recieved through Andreika. I requested a removal of the bad luck that had been plaguing me for awhile. I also ordered an Amulet to carry with me.
Well, almost immediately I noticed a change for the better. Things started to go right for a change and my outlook improved.

I thought nothing of it for awhile but then yesterday I lost my phone… I was frantic, I took the amulet out and asked Andreika’s help in finding it. I had a thought to go look in my backyard where I’d been gardening. Sure enough it was sitting there. If it would have rained or gotten mowed over I would have been out a lot of money. I have also found myself at the right place at the right time lately.┬áPeople have noticed my upbeat tone and commented on how much happier I seem. I know it was Andreika’s work that helped.


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