December 24th, 2009

Today being the eve of Christmas I just can’t help reflecting on all the things that happened to me the past year. I was in the toughest, most difficult times a person could ever imagine. Last year, I requested spell casting to alleviate me from my financial hardship. It was almost a year before the spell could take effect, I realized. But the fruits are just incredible! Now, I am able to have the kind of Christmas that I’ve always wanted – simple and yet complete with all the presents I want to give my loved ones and to afford the festivities the kids would really enjoy.

I’ve been requesting different spells since my financial situation improved and the ones you’ve cast are all truly amazing. I’ve gained the trust and confidence of people and I feel that I am everyone’s favorite when I used to be ignored. Now, it seems that everyone likes me and enjoys my company. I am able afford things I used to just dream of.

I want to take this time to thank my friends at Calastrology for making all these beautiful things happen. Thank you Burton and Andreika for all the wonderful spells that gave color and meaning to my life. I’m just waiting for my most true love spell request to be fulfilled, that is, to have the man I really like. When that happens, I’ll be posting another testimonial here.

I appreciate everything. I’m glad I got to know Calastrology.

Manila, Philippines

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