September 12th, 2009

At first I was so hesitant to use this service.  But after reading testimonials, I said to myself, “Why not?” as my lover left me all of a sudden.  I ordered the Retrieve A Lover Spell a week ago Friday, got the email reply on Monday telling me they will cast the spell on the 31st of August.  Then one week passed and nothing happened; I said to myself that maybe it was a scam, they just took my money.  On the 11th day I got a phone call from my lover–we just talked–but I thought it seemed okay, and I was so happy.  Next day my lover called twice, and another two times.  Wow, it works, haha, it really works!

Before my lover didn’t even answer my phone calls or text messages.  This is really amazing.  Thanks a lot.  I soon ordered the Luck Wanga Doll–you never know when luck will knock on your door!

Las Vegas, NV

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