March 10th, 2015

Following a fiscally challenging year, I requested a Gris-Gris spell in January through the California Astrology Association. The purpose of my requesting a spell was in hopes of increasing the overall income for me and my husband this year. Within a week’s time, we started to receive unexpected sources of income which has continued to the present (it is now March). I also received an important job offer less than a month after the spell was cast. This came after several months of uncertainty, as the job I had interviewed for (back in November) was placed under a hiring freeze until further notice. Also, our recently completed tax return turned out to be much higher than we anticipated. The Gris-Gris spell was explained as being an “unstoppable force” which would grow in intensity after being cast.

I must say that I have never before resorted to such a measure and was a bit skeptical. I have been pleasantly surprised and amazed at just how true the Gris-Gris spell turned out to be and exactly as advertised and explained! I will not hesitate to use the California Astrology Association in the future and would certainly recommend them to anyone willing to give them a try. THEIR SPELLS WORK!!

Ginger J.

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