November 17th, 2009

Well they tried… Exactly the opposite of all the spells happened to me… my fiancee began seeing another man, I lost my job, finances in ruin.  Triple Cast Spells to no avail, Lightning Bolt Love Spell, Break Them Up Now Spell, the Growing Her Love Spell grew her love for someone else.  A Rich Life, Well like I said I’m ruined with no job.  Even The Obeah Spell was ineffectual.  They are honoring their guarantee, though, and have said they will process the money spent back.  I don’t understand but, if these take affect you can bet I will send the money back!  With a refund of my own to CAA!

And a special note to Burton and Andreika–thank you for your efforts. I wish that I was writing a success story.

Blessings on you and your dear friends,

Eastern USA

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