September 24th, 2010

I didn’t expect a lot of money to be flying everywhere when I purchased the Lucky Number 7 charm, but I’ve been feeling lucky ever since it’s been in my life.

I’ve got the Money Tree charm as well.  And I got my Mom the Lady Luck charm, and she loved it…  So many people want to either give me money or help me get it now.  It’s crazy!  My brother finally paid me some of the money back that he owed me.  This stuff really works, if you believe.  The harder you believe the better your chances are at success.  My mom has been going out with her boyfriend more now and having fun instead of being a widow the rest of her life.

I also got the Miracle Cross of San Maya, and I would like to thank you all for introducing me to a better way of feeling good.  I will cherish my charms forever.

C. M.
Milwaukee, WI

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