September 19th, 2015

Dear CAA professionals:

I finally received my Mystic Star pendant on November 19, 2002, and was a little dismayed because the part of the pendant that can attach to a chain was damaged during shipping. I decided to use a little twine from an old necklace I rarely wear and made a bracelet using the Mystic Star as a charm.

Let me tell you, the very next morning at work (as a lingerie sales associate), I began to notice the effects the Mystic Star was having upon me. I felt more confident, enrgetic, and magnetic. I noticed that the customers seemed to be more inclined to chat with me and buy the products I suggested. I had a wonderful selling day at work, and my work associate thought that my selling statements and strategies were so wonderfully original, she adopted some of them for herself.

Additionally, I was asked to stay at work for a few more hours; I have been short of cash lately and really believe that the Mystic Star has already been working to bestow me with luck, more money, and happiness.

I will write more when more happens because I do feel that more fortune is coming my way with the Mystic Star’s help. I am a believer of the Mystic Star’s powers.

Thanks so much CAA!!

Cassandra S.

Columbia, SC

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