January 28th, 2015

I had a bad break-up last summer…but what made me summon a retribution spell was my ex-fiance came back and kicked me again, after I was so nice and accepting about us breaking up. After the spell was placed, myself, along with friends and family all meditated at the time the Psychic told me the spell would be in effect, and that she would also be helping with meditation. Then I waited.

Well, retribution came right after the new year, and my ex experienced what I did. The Psychic was right…he did experience some physical ailments, and he contacted me out of the blue, with a generic e-mail, saying he didn’t know why he was contacting me, but he just felt he should be. We are now friends, and even though I’ve had to right this experience with some bad Karma, I never regretted it. Especially since it reinforced me feeling better about how things ended and having my ex for a friend now. Not to mention the fact that he was able to admit to me that I was a good person throughout the whole break up, and that he realized how he was in the wrong and hurt me.

I am now in a loving relationship, and my faith has been restored. Thank You!

Andrea M.
Bothell, WA

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