February 15th, 2010

I asked for a Money Spell and I got it!  It didn’t come in the form that I had expected, though.  I had asked for one lump sum (preferely from gambling) but it came in a way that was so much more beneficial.

I had lost my job and was one month away from being homeless; I had student loan debts that were enormous and a car that was just above the status of jalopy; the money spell that I received enabled me to overcome homelessness, buy a car that was safe to drive and be able to temporarily assist my daughter in being independent.  I had hoped to be able to pay off certain debts (like student loans), but being able to help my daughter survive in an economy in turmoil is worth more.  The money came in spurts while also coming at times when it was needed most.  Over time, I am sure that the amount that I had requested is near completion.  Your timing is impeccable.

Fears and tears:  I am afraid to ask what is next.


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