October 21st, 2009

I have ordered a few spells from you, mostly relating to money and protection.  In one of these spells, I specifically requested a larger home, furniture, and more money coming into my household.  We lived in a small, furnished one-bedroom apartment with two kids.  Within a month after this spell was cast, I saw a beautiful unfurnished apartment across the street and the current tenant was moving out.  The landlord rented to us, without credit checks & references, and we signed the lease within a week.  My husband had unexpectedly been scheduled for additional hours at work, so we had the money to move into the apartment and buy furniture for our new home. In addition, we had a large bill unexepectly come due, without the money to pay it, and received an unexpected windfall, which covered the entire bill.  We also both carry a Samadhi with us at all times.

I cannot say “Thank You” enough to California Astrology Association!!

Tracy S
Ozark, AL

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