April 23rd, 2010

Dear CAA

I am just writing to thank you so much. I ordered the Retrieve A Lover Spell, which was cast on 9th April 2010 and a spell by Andreika, cast on 21st April 2010. After I ordered them, I saw sites saying that CAA was a scam which made me begin to doubt. I am so happy to say those sites were wrong!

My ex–well not anymore as of tonight–left me suddenly a while back. After the first spell was cast, he explained why we parted and I began to feel more relaxed and accepting as now I had a read on what happened. Andreika’s spell was cast yesterday, as I wanted to give it another try; today I saw my ex and he was really affectionate! He told me that he loves me and wants to give us another chance. All the doubts he had have gone which is what I requested to happen! We are back together two weeks after the first spell and one day after Andreika’s!

I don’t know how long it will last but I am just glad to have a second chance with the person I love, and although I was skeptical, actually believe the spells really helped get through to him so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

To anyone seeing sites saying CAA are a scam–ignore them! They do work, you just have to be patient and believe.

United Kingdom

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