April 11th, 2015


All I can say is “wow” and thank you! I received Burton’s newsletter of November 13th explaining the energy-blocking effects of wearing a ring on the middle finger of either hand. I realized I had been wearing rings on the middle fingers of both my hands and removed them immediately. After parking my car at work later that morning and walking through the parking lot – I looked down and saw a neatly folded $50.00 bill literally lying at my feet!!! Talk about surprised – just following the simple but powerful advice in your free newsletter brought me an instant windfall, and my business has been steadily picking up too. I also had a love spell cast for me when I registered at the website, and I admit I had been feeling a little skeptical about it working, but after this experience, I have great hope that what I have wished for will come to be. Thank you so much!

Chicago, IL

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