April 7th, 2015

I received my Samadhi last week, and it’s been less than a week that I’ve been carrying it with me almost everywhere. The first thing that I noticed when I took it out of the package was that I felt an immediate sense of serenity. It’s calming effects are consistently marvelous.

I have been having nightmares for months on end, intermittently over past years, and the Samadhi seems to make my nights manageable. That very night when I received it, I placed it under my pillow as I went to bed, as I have done since then. While I was sleeping that night, I felt my head shaking uncontrollably as I was not able to move my body. The very next morning, my headaches were gone and there was a sense of lightness in my being. The day went ahead with less tension, and someone who has beeen aloof for months suddenly handed me a story that hinted that she cared for my well-being. That took me by surprise as this person doesn’t seem to care for me.

My Samadhi seems to pulsate with warmth, as if absorbing my stress, whenever I hold it when burdened with difficult tension. This has happened a few times, not just once.

For those suffering from post-traumatic stress, I’d say give the Samadhi a shot, or let the Samadhi give you a magical shot at pacifying your nerves.

I continue to wish for many good things to come, so readers, watch this space as I hope to bring you more updates!

Vic, Australia

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