August 8th, 2015


I have requested the Lust For Me, Unconditional Love and Growing His Love spells. One of the spells must have started the ball rolling, since this Monday, I have noticed my love’s attitude has changed a lot. I can feel that his love for me is growing slowing day by day…it has become more significant. He has become more loving, caring, very sweet, etc.

Since I received Samadhi my luck has changed. Good things really happen to me. I strongly believe that Samadhi also played a part in my relationship with my boyfriend. We are closer. Oh yes, not forgetting Obeah and Luck Wanga which I requested to keep me away from bad luck.

Thanks CAA, you are great. I feel and see the changes. It’s all slowly, step by step, taking place. I know my dreams are going to be fulfilled soon. I know that all the other spells that I have requested are going to work on my behalf.

Not to forget to saluate CAA for their excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE. I know that whenever I need something CAA will always be my first choice!





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