September 15th, 2015

Deliciously Rich

The day after this spell was cast I found £15.00 in the washing machine, which I gave straight to my daughter as she paid for the spell for me. I won £10.00 on the lottery, then £7.00 on a scratch card, then £2.00. The insurance money I had been waiting for, came quickly all of a sudden and this has enabled me to have a breathing space for a couple of weeks. The man I have loved for quite a while last Monday said he cared for me, unfortunately on the Wednesday I made a complete mess of this my fault and I hope I can redress the balance on this. I am using the money wisely by casting the further spells. I need to bring what I need to happen to fruition. Sometimes I seem to go forward one step and then take several steps backwards, but not this time, your company has given me hope when all I had was despair.

Janet B


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