September 11th, 2015

Permission? Yes

I asked for the Retribution Spell to be cast for a dear friend of mine who was at her wit’s end and out of ideas on how to repel an unwanted boss. There was concern from the spell casters since she was so far away (in Maine) and the spell wasn’t for me not to get my hopes up. I asked my friend to be an “open channel” the day the spell was cast, she agreed. I also told her to take any photo image of him in her house or scrapbooks and remove them in a symbolic gesture of getting him out of her house. Months later it’s clear the spell worked as expected. The day the Retribution Spell was cast, the boss “got sick” and continues to have “the flu” frequently. Increasingly he suddenly, and without explanation, runs from her desk. He schedules more and more time “out of town.” The list seems endless of how he devises to stay away from her. The bosses wife says, “he seems troubled about something at night.” On the other hand, my friend has reunited with her childhood sweetheart, has a beautiful ruby and diamond engagement ring, was offered a great job, and the increase to her happiness goes on and on. I’ve known my friend since we were both 14 years old, thank you for helping her.

Ann S.

Hayward, CA

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