September 1st, 2010

I ordered both the Revenge and Money Wanga Doll.  Just after I received them, the Revenge doll started working.  I was so shocked!  I was told to hold the doll with both hands and tell it what I wanted.  Well, I did not have time to wait.  THIS IS SO UNREAL IT SCARES ME.  The night before, the person who has wronged me for many years had a terrible setback. She lost everything she owned, even down to her eyeglasses. She has always wanted to see me with nothing, and after I ordered this, she is the one who lost.  I did not wish her dead or anything close, but she did get what she deserved.
I believe the Wanga Doll and my request worked. I would gladly buy again. I am still in shock.  Not funny when someone loses, but in this case, I believe it was meant to be.


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