January 7th, 2010

Dear CAA,

I never believed in spells or any kind of  “magic,” but things were going bad in my life.  I was very lonely and unhappy.  I ordered a Love Wanga to bring me someone I can share my life with.

I kept it on my nightstand and it may sound weird, but I prayeed to God, and after that, I always asked the Wanga to bring me someone special. I was tired of dating, the bar scene, and superficial people.

About a year later I met my guy.  After 6 months of dating  he proposed, and we are married now.  I couldn’t be happier!  He is exactly what I was asking for. Very handsome ( I mean reaally handsome 🙂 ), very smart , fun, and with good heart.  It may sound unreal, too perfect, some may say that guys like this don’t exist… but it’s true.   After many years of bad relationships and loneliness, my heart is finally where it belongs. Thank You Wanga !

Thank You,  CAA  !!!!


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