January 6th, 2010

Dear CAA,

I received my Wanga Dolls on 1/2/2010.  First of all I want to say that my dolls are of such great quality for the price.  One can easily see that a lot of care went into crafting these dolls.

I ordered the Love, Money, and Success Wanga Dolls.  As soon as I opened my package I began to talk to and caress my dolls.  Within a matter of days I saw the power of the Wanga at work.

A couple of days after receiving my dolls, my boyfriend and I got back together.  He declared his love for me and says wants to work toward a future with me.

I’ve been unemployed for months. I went to take a test as part of the application process for a job.  The test was a little bit hard and I have test anxiety so I decided to take my Success Wanga with me.  I passed the test!

There were things that I wanted to buy but because I’m not working I haven’t been able to buy them.  Since talking to my Money Wanga last week, people have started giving me the things I want for free.

I talk to my Wangas not only for me but to also to help my friends and family who are also experiencing difficulties in this economy. One of my close, unemployed friends told me she was going to a job fair.  That night I talked to my Success Wanga to help her get a job.  The next day she called me to tell me she was hired on the spot!

Two of my friends also ordered Wangas and Spells at the same time I ordered mine.  They are already experiencing positive results and seeing the Wangas work as well. What we are witnessing is amazing!

The Wangas’ powers have been manifesting in my life and my friends’ lives in small ways in just a matter of days.  I am confident that with time the Wangas will help us attain our bigger goals.

I will be ordering more Wangas very soon and I will be coming back to CAA for my spiritual, psychic and astrological needs.

Thank you so much CAA!


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